Making a big deal of something God loves

Oh great, another blog… Another voice trying to make a difference and thinking they can do it. That’s how I’ve felt seeing new blogs and writing projects come up. And yet, here we are with a brand new blog. How do you go about writing on something consistently and think that it’s going to make an impact?

First, it has to be something you are passionate about. It needs to be something that you and many others face daily. It also needs to be a topic or way of life that can easily be misunderstood or done wrong. For some this means fitness, or finances, or sports, or cooking, or anything Pinterest puts out ever.

For this team, it’s marriage, specifically about celebrating marriage the way God intends it. Celebrating marriage is about making a big deal of something God loves. This site is an effort to recognize how valuable God views marriage, and to encourage married couples (or not yet married people) to get excited about what God calls very good!

God loves marriage. It is very important to him. Before laws, common courtesies, government, and even churches, God created marriage. It is the primary picture and example for how God intends his people to interact and live.

God loves every part of marriage. He loves the picture it shows of his relationship with us. He loves the way that marriage helps people change and learn to love others better. He loves the intimacy that sex provides for two people in marriage (read Song of Solomon sometime). He loves the faithfulness of a couple staying married and working through conflict. He is committed to marriage, and he calls it very good. This is why we want to celebrate marriage with everything we’ve got.

In this blog, we will have content that pushes you to recognize the gift that marriage is, and give you ways to make your marriage even more special. Hebrews 11:4 says, “let marriage be held in honor among all.” That’s our goal. To honor something is to give it worth. To hold it in high esteem. To say it’s great. To brag about it. To protect it. To make it special.

Celebrating marriage is about making a big deal of something God loves.

God views marriage as special. Take the diamond most of you used for your engagement and wedding ring. Every angle of it is pretty. When you look at it close, it shines. From far, it sparkles. It’s how God looks at us, and how he views our relationship with our spouses. He celebrates it’s beauty, it’s worth, shows it off and protects it. Every so often, you have to take the diamond in to get cleaned, and you have to take care of it. This is critical to keep it’s shine and beauty. Keeping your marriage special takes work, and it’s worth it.

Celebrate Big Things in Your Marriage

There are some huge wins you have been able to experience in your marriage. Kids, anniversaries, getting out of difficult circumstances closer to each other. This week, I’d encourage you to make a list of 3-5 big wins in your marriage. Here’s mine:
* The privilege of 12 years of marriage with my best friend.
* 4 beautiful, healthy kids that we get to hang out with (we didn’t think we’d be able to have them).
* Getting debt free after living with both parents for nearly two years.
* Changing careers from painter to pastor (Jeff) and teacher to full time mom (Ashley).

Celebrate Little Things in Your Marriage

There is something special about recognizing the little victories in your marriage. Really, it’s the sum of the little things in your marriage that make your marriage what it is. You’ve made a list of big things, now make a list of little things that have been important to you in marriage.
* Dessert dates in Seattle
* Long talks on long drives to Leavenworth
* Weekly date night without kids
* Family workouts at the YMCA

Celebrate your marriage by bragging about it often. Husbands, when was the last time that your wives heard how much you value and care for them? Celebrate your marriage this year. Protect it, and brag about your spouse to anyone around you!

Our goal is to see healthy marriages that enjoy each other and show people Jesus.

That’s what our team is set out to do. We want to give you tools to be able to grow in your marriage and remind you how awesome marriage is. I said team because this isn’t about me wanting to write more. It’s about trying to celebrate marriage in different and creative ways, which requires different people with their thoughts and experiences. Not everyone likes sports, coffee, dessert, and sports as much as me. I get it. Because of that, we have a varied team of husbands and wives that are going to write on different topics about marriage to remind you that your marriage is something God loves, that it is a privilege, and that it can be even better.

You will see different authors providing varied thoughts on how we can honor God with our marriages. We'll talk about communication, dates, food, sex, conflict, in laws, kids, and a bunch of other things. We are all different, but here's what we have in common: We love Jesus, we are married, and we think our marriage is worth celebrating.

Our goal is to see healthy marriages that enjoy each other and show people Jesus. Let's have some fun!

Do you have different topics that you want to see on the blog? Comment here!