Last year Meghan Markle married Prince Henry and became the Duchess of Sussex. Have you ever wondered what their expectations about marriage were? As a royal does Henry expect a higher level of service? Does he expect a certain kind of lifestyle? How do his expectations compare to that of the average citizen?

If I were marrying royalty, I’d have some fear and trepidation. My spouse’s parents own a whole country. They have immense power to punish or reward. They could order any number of different forces to arrest, prosecute, or even kill me with impunity. According to the British laws of soveriegn immunity the Queen could murder me herself and never even be prosecuted for it.

As believers our King is higher than any earthly authority. He also has the power to punish and reward. God can take our lives by disease, plague, “random” happenstance, military coup, force of nature, or even by sending a legion of angels. As the Sovereign Ruler of all, He can do as He pleases and no one can find fault with Him (Job 40:2). What’s even more humbling is that my wife is His daughter. Her brother is Jesus, the same Jesus who whispers His will into the King’s ear (Romans 8:34). My wife talks with the Holy Spirit and He makes her requests known to God (Romans 8:27).

I have married royalty.

My wife’s inheritance is not of this world (1 Peter 1:4). She has no fear of punishment from the hands of the rulers and kingdoms of this world, for they can do nothing to her without her father’s permission. My wife knows that the wrongs done to her will be met by the sovereign justice of the Most High God. My wife knows that her Daddy has her back.

Men, do you remember the first time you met your wife’s parents? How you were nervous they wouldn’t like you and might come between you? Did you ever stop to think she has a Daddy so much more terrifying than that? One that can stop the winds with a word. One who can split the skies with lightning and thunder with a mere thought. One who gathers up the wind in His fists and the ocean’s in his shirt. Her daddy measures the distance of the stars with His hands and holds the whole world on His pinky.

How can we not shake in our boots when our Father-in-law is as tough and mighty as He is?

Now remember men, our Father-in-law is also gracious with His gifts. He knows how to give good gifts. He rewards those that are loyal to Him. He unleashes tidal waves of blessings on those that seek to please Him. He pours forth peace, contentment, joy, and patience on those that love Him and obey Him. He’s entrusted His daughter to you, how are you treating her? Do you treat her like the heiress she is? Do you treat her like one who will inherit a fortune? Do you treat her like the daughter of the King ought to be treated? Are you incurring His wrath or His good gifts?

How do you treat her? Do you treat her with the love and concern her Father does?

I urge you men, to think about your wife as a royal. A daughter of the Highest King. Treat her with the respect, dignity, and freedom that God give each of us as His children. Not because you want God’s gifts, nor because you want to avoid His wrath, but simple because you want to please Him (2 Corinthians 5:9). Treat your wife like a princess, because it makes God’s heart smile.

Photo by Willian B. on Unsplash