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Today we're looking at some articles that deal with the difficulties of living unified and also being a gracious parent.

  • Greg Morse from Desiring God writes about how hard it is to be in unity spiritually with your spouse. He shares four tricks to living your spiritual lives together. Check out his article: Together in Bed, Apart in Soul
  • Ryan Fredrick talks about four keys steps to building lasting unity in this article on Fierce Marriage: 4 Ways to Build Lasting Unity
  • Scott Kedersha talks about parenting and how to respond better than your kids respond to you. Read more here: My Most Consistent Struggle as a Parent

These articles show our need to put Jesus first in our lives and live at peace with our family. At Celebrate Marriage, we hope you're striving for just that. We pray that you would put God's desires above your own and strive hard to emulate Jesus daily!

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