Content we like (and didn't write) for you!

Today we're looking at some articles that deal with the hardships and broken desires we face in life and marriage.

  • Lauren Chandler talks about deferred joy and the blessings that come by waiting for God's timing to pursue your passions. God will bless and refine you when you're patient for His timing. Read more in her article: Waiting Is Worth The Reward.
  • Claire Millican shares about her own struggle with wanting to be a mom, and God delaying that joy for years. Read about it here: I Need THEE Every Hour...
  • Moms, this one is for you. Our culture tells us that you are all your child needs, and your fierce independence allows you to handle anything. The truth is, you are not enough. Read Susan Narjala's article to find out more: Moms, You Are Not Enough

Living a gospel-centered life requires giving of yourself and putting Jesus first. All of these articles tackle that truth in practical, tangible ways. The chaos and constant busyness of life are always trying to distract us from this simple, divine truth. We need to continually evaluate our choices and desires and ask: "Am I resting in the arms of my Savior or am I trying to carry the burden of life on my own shoulders?"

Well, which is it, friend? Let Jesus carry your burdens as you find your joy in Him.