Book Review: Crazy Busy | Kevin DeYoung

I really didn’t like this book the first time I read it. I read it in a season where I felt like I had everything under control and I deemed it unnecessary. Two years later, with a 4th kid, neck deep in masters class, a challenging ministry schedule, and a growing house and yard work list, this book was a bullseye. This book has been a challenge to me personally and in my relationships, particularly with Ashley.

Whether you are a pastor, a parent, or a pediatrician, you likely struggle with the crushing weight of work, family, exercise, bills, church, school, friends, and a barrage of requests, demands, and desires.

Have you ever noticed the standard greeting you get when you meet friends? “How are you?” “Busy.” We live in a fast-paced society with intentions to accomplish great things in our families, career, and faith. All of this makes it really easy to get out of control, and this book speaks to how we get too busy, why we get too busy, and how we can change.

Why it’s good

This book is good because it hits on many different aspects of our busy lives. There are the motivations behind our busyness, our goal in what we want to accomplish, setting priorities, parenting, using our phones, how to rest well, and many more. The subtitle is “a mercifully short book about a really big problem.” And it’s true. The book is 118 pages with manageable chapters, so you can be busy and still carve out some time to read the book!

Stewarding my time is not about selfishly pursuing only the things I like to do. It’s about effectively serving others in the ways I’m best able to serve and in the ways I am most uniquely called to serve.

This is a challenge to every person to consider time, what you are doing with time, and how to honor God the best with the time he has given you. As a result of reading the book, one of the ways I have challenged myself in this area is by tracking my weekly schedule. When I took an objective look, I noticed that I spend too much time reading sports blogs and exercise articles. While these things are fine in and of themselves, they shouldn’t come close to God, my wife, or my kids. Sadly (and a bit embarrassing to say), I will be sitting right next to my best friend and the greatest woman in the whole world while I read some article about some thing that doesn’t matter. I’m busy doing the wrong things.

Why it’s good for marriage

This book is good for marriage because it gets to our priorities in relationships. My priorities are Jesus, Ashley, Kids, and then everything else. Busyness for busynesses sake robs me of the joy I can have in fulfilling my role as a follower of Jesus, husband, father, and worker.

We are so busy with a million pursuits that we don’t even notice the most important things slipping away… In the real world of finite time, we often have to discern good and better from best.

There is a great challenge laid down for the men to step up in their pursuit of Jesus and service to their family. For women, the call is to put your primary hope in Christ so that you can love and support your husband well. He says it much better than I can.

Piper continually brings it back to our marriage being a display for the glory of God, which is exciting and daunting at the same time. Marriage is a huge privilege that needs to be taken seriously and lived out joyfully. It also needs to show people that there is eternity to live for, not just for today.

How to read it

It’s called reading…

Read it one chapter at a time, and then jot some notes down in the back of the chapter (or on your e-reader). This is a good book for a couple to go through together. Read one chapter a week, make some popcorn, and sit down and talk about what you’ve learned and what you can do in response. This is worth your time, so schedule it out and try to have an honest discussion with your spouse about it.  

Read this book for your marriage. The investment of time you put in could set the stage for a much better marriage moving forward. You can find the book HERE