19 dates to draw you closer to your spouse in 2019.

I've pulled up dozens of date night lists for the Seattle area, and they're almost all variations of the same two dozen ideas: eat at this fancy restaurant, visit this cool town, pretend to be a tourist at __________, et cetera. Creative date ideas seem to be dwindling, so I wanted to create a list of Date Night ideas that were different, interactive, and engaging. This allows us to be intentional in our marriage, growing our knowledge of our spouses as we have fun enjoying time with them too. Most of these ideas allow for that and allow for a generous helping of silliness along the way!

These ideas are tailored to Western Washington where I live, but the basic notion of them can be expounded upon and utilized anywhere. Continue reading for 19 fun date ideas to try out in 2019!

1) Visit a Ghost Town.

Old things are cool. Seeing nature take over things is even cooler. Take a trip to a ghost town near you and experience the wonder of looking at abandoned and derelict buildings!  

Steph and I were on a road trip once with no timeline or expectations and we saw a sign that said "Ghost Town" and an arrow. We turned and followed it to find the most intact ghost town in all of Montana, and we had a great day exploring it. We still talk about it to this day!

Look here to find one in Washington near where you live.

2) Surf Wikipedia.

Ok, so this probably sounds like a weird idea, but here's how it works: Hop on Wikipedia, choose your language, and then in the top left click "Random Article" until you find one of some substance and start reading. As you read things that don't make sense and make you wonder "what is that" follow the Wikipedia trail to where it goes! There's nothing quite like learning about obscure trivial with someone you love. It's educational and fun!

Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

3) Go Mini Golfing.

Mini golf is fun, and relatively cheap. For extra fun, create a weird rule for each hole. Example: this hole all puts must be upside down OR all puts must be between your legs.

4) Visit the Brautigan Library.

Earlier I said all the date lists out there tell you to visit this one place, so why would I do the same? Because this isn't on their lists and it's pretty unique. The Brautigan Library is a library of unpublished books. These are books from average Janes and Joes who wanted to tell their story but either couldn't get it published or didn't want to go through the effort. The result is a library full of books you literally can't find anywhere else.

This date will require a bit of planning as they're down in Vancouver, WA, but it'll make for a great road trip. Bring a fun audio book or some sermons to listen to!

5) Serve at a Food Bank.

The Bible calls us to be servants... so serve together and help those in need. It will allow you both to see each other in a new light and expose you to people you would not normally see. I have no doubt that this kind of date will make a lasting impression on your marriage.

6) Antique Store Story Telling.

Find an antique store (there are a million of them in Snohomish) and wander through grabbing random items and telling a made of story of their lives to each other.  "This spoon was the only spoon Wyatt Earp every used while traveling. He kept it with him at all times, and it even saved his live in a knife fight (see the scratch?)!"

coin collection
Photo by Jonathan Brinkhorst / Unsplash

7) Penny Date!

Get yourselves to a major intersection in town. The driver determines a number between 10-20 and the passenger flips a coin for each intersection. Heads you head left, tails you turn right.... if you lose the penny go straight (and grab a new one). Once you've made the requisite number of coin flips, you find a place to pull over and begin your date night adventure there!

8) Do a bread taste test at the Breadfarm.

Steph and I bake our own bread from scratch, and experience has told us that wild yeasts develops a much richer flavor than any store bought bread can deliver. So I was delighted to find our about a bakery that specializes in wild yeast products. Listen to what they say about their breads:  

Breadfarm is an artisan bakery focusing on naturally leavened breads, rustic pastry and pantry staples.  Every item we make is hand crafted.  Our breads are naturally leavened using wild yeasts. Our cookies and shelf stable pantry items are all made in small batches by staff with carefully tending hands.

Doesn't that sound awesome? Get up there and check it out!

9) Take a Hike.

I don't think I need to talk this one up, if you've hiked before you know how nice it is to see God's creation first hand.

10) Guided Nature Tour.

Similar to hiking, you probably already know if this is for you. But a guided tour increases your chances of seeing cool animals and learning more about the area as you go.  Here are a couple sites to help you find the perfect tour:

Pacific Science Center

Skagit Guided Adventures

Wildland Trekking

11) DIY Recreation.

Search up "DIY" on YouTube and find a fun DIY video to try to recreate for yourselves. This one takes a bit of forethought as you may need to acquire some materials, but there'll be no end to the laughter as you botch what the pros do with ease online.

12) Indoor Picnic.

So the Northwest rains a bit (or so I've been told). Make the most of it and pitch a blanket and bust out the sandwiches. Enjoy the pitter-patter of rain falling and wind blowing while you get a little silly with your spouse and eat on the floor.

onions and potato on table
Photo by Syd Wachs / Unsplash

13) Cook a Meal Together.

It doesn't matter if you can cook or not, this is about experimenting and hanging out with your lover. Don't let your skill get in the way, but be there for each other and learn how to be helpful to one another while you're cooking.

If you don't know how to cook, maybe start off with a simple recipe like one of these: 4 Easy Recipes If You Can't Cook.  

If you're both pros in the kitchen, maybe try something completely different, a cuisine you've both never had before.  Maybe from one of these famous chefs:

Alton Brown  

Gordon Ramsay  

Ming Tsai

Ningella Lawson

14) Watch Glass Blowing.

Visit the Schack Art Center in Everett and watch them make some cool things out of glass. I've gone there many times now and it's simply mesmerizing watching them work with hot glass. As an added bonus, they have an art gallery there that you can walk through for free!

15) Play a Game Together.

I work in the Board Game Industry, so saying, "play a game" is kind of my answer to everything, but it does make for a good date night. Here are some great two player games the might be up your ally:

Lost Cities - You're explorers trying to take the funding you've received from powerful investors and put it to good use to bring back the biggest profit (plays like an old card game).  

Jaipur - Welcome to the pink city, open a stall and sell your wares. You're competing to be the best trader in town, and every purchase you make effects your opponent.

Now some of you are reading this thinking, "Oh no! I can't play a game.... I'm too competitive!" If that's the case, you should try one of these cooperative games instead, designed for you to play as a team against the board:

Forbidden Island - Bring out your inner Indiana Jones - You're an archeologist on an island trying to save ancient relics before the island sinks.  

Pandemic - Deadly diseases are destroying the world and you need to work together to find cures before it's too late.

For more ideas, check out this marriage gaming blog: Married with Board Games

16) Create Your Own Taste Test

What is your spouse's favorite food or drink? Run out and buy 5-10 different varieties of that item and have them eat/drink them taking notes on what they liked best about each one. When done, you can either play a guessing game to see if they can identify which was which or do a slow reveal so they can learn their new favorite food/drink brand.  

Then switch places and have them do the same for you with your favorite food/drink!

two people sitting beside each other
Photo by Ben White / Unsplash

17) Read a Book Together.

Right now, Steph is reading me Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb. It's her favorite series of all time and it's fun to hear her voice as we snuggle up together and pictures unfold in our minds. We've done this same thing with The Chronicles of Narnia and it provides a great many dates as the story develops and we discuss the meaning of events and foreshadowings. If you want a date experience that will last months, I highly recommend reading a book together. If you don't enjoy fictional stories, consider one of the many books we've reviewed on this site (perhaps this one?) and grow in your walk with God and you grow closer to each other.

18) Do Something for Him/Her.

What kind of things does your spouse always talk about? Does he always talk about sports? Take him to a game. Does she always talk about going to the spa? Make a day of it, go with her, and pamper yourselves! Do something that your spouse enjoys and make their pleasures and joys the focus of the date!  

Godly marriage is about serving your spouse; so let your dating reflect that.

19) Recreate an Old Experience.

Which date night does your spouse think about most fondly? Try to recreate it. It doesn't have to be perfect or even in the same place, but doing something similar with the same kind of sights and smells will bring back the old memories and give you something fun to talk about!