Praying the Bible | Donald S. Whitney

Do you feel like your prayer life is boring? Repetitive? Dead? Donald S. Whitney has a powerful idea to change all those negative qualities you experience in your prayer life.


Whitney’s talks about how those of us that fail to pray often do so out of boredom, praying the same thing every day. It’s become a monotony. As he puts it, we tend to ask ourselves “How should I adore the Lord today? And since we don’t have the time or the mental resources to think every day of new ways to adore the Lord, we tend to fall back on the same old ways, words, and phrases we habitually use to adore the Lord.”

To overcome this common pitfall, he shows us a very simple tactic that remedies the boredom we fall into in prayer. Pray the Bible. By praying the Bible, You’ll have prompts of what to pray for that will help you probe your mind and heart for things to bring before God. You’ll naturally use the words you just read to pray to God, thereby breaking the habit of praying the “same old ways, words and phrases we habitually use.” You’ll also have a clear path of what to pray which will keep you from getting too distracted with the random thoughts of life. Your prayer will incorporate God’s ordained, divine words; you’ll be breathing out the same breaths He breathed into the Bible. “Basically what you are doing is taking words that originated in the heart and mind of God and circulating them through your heart and mind back to God.”

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If you pray from the Scriptures you’ll find new things and new ways to pray every day. Your prayers will be new, exciting, and more God focused than they tend to be without the Bible. This kind of prayer will refreshen your soul as you turn your heart more and more to God.


Our marriages have their best success when we put God first and our spouse second. This book is full of practical advice on how to put prayer at the forefront of your life. As you read about and try this method of prayer, your personal walk with God will grow.

As you become more proficient, I would challenge you to start to praying more with your spouse. Praying with your spouse is one of the most intimate things God has given us in marriage. It allows you see their heart and what they’re struggling with, while at the same time revealing your own vulnerable heart. Vulnerability with your spouse has the capability to bring you both closer together as you pursue Christ.


This book is short (89 pages), and a quick read (only took me 90 minutes, and I’m slow). You can read this in one sitting or break it up a chapter at a time (with ten chapters it’ll only take about 9 minutes to read one chapter). As you read it try the new skills out. In chapter seven, Whitney provides a suggestion in the book of praying through a Psalm a day.

I tried this Whitney’s method and on the first day I did not enjoy it. The method he prescribes is that as you read you stop and pray about whatever comes to mind. This bothered me as I was afraid I’d lose sight of proper Biblical study. Once I got past this initial fear, I discovered as I kept trying this prayer method it became incredibly easy to pray for seven uninterrupted minutes. Last night, as I tried this again, I found that I was only able to get through half of Psalm 19 before my timer went off. This method of prayer makes long prayer sessions seem more attainable.

Praying with your spouse is one of the most intimate things God has given us in marriage.

Husbands read this book. God wants to change you into a man more devoted to Himself. When you pray Scripture you will constantly be reminding yourself of the attributes he wants you to adopt.

Wives read this book. You dedication to the Lord will work wonders in your heart, in your marriage, and in your life. Seek the Lord in prayer and you’ll find yourself forever changed.

Do you have a method you use for prayer? Comment below!