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Men, this set of articles is for you.

  • Husbands, there is a series of articles that are important to read as a means of staying far away from any unfaithfulness in your marriage. Read
  • Bryan Stoudt, a pastor in Philly, shares some reasons why sex may be difficult for you and how to work through that. Read
  • John Piper answers the question on why the commitment of marriage is so important. READ

Husbands, you have a great privilege to know, lead, and protect your wife. You have the responsibility to know how to love her well, what she likes and doesn't, and how you can make her know that you care for her. You are called to lead your wife like Christ leads the church (Ephesians 5) and set an example for her of what her Savior looks like. You are also called to protect your wife from sin and in purity. That means staying FAR away from anything that would push you or her to impure thoughts or actions.

Men, the job is big, but the job is great. Love your wives this week.